Bryan Park Hotel
Engineer Tech

•        Assist on major repairs of all hotel equipment including small appliances, boilers, hand and power tools and general plumbing systems.

•        Complete work orders such as replacing ceilings, light bulbs, patching vinyl to maintain the hotel and keep the product to quality standard.

•        Refurbish furniture and fixtures within guest rooms, such as cabinets, tables, chairs, doors, windows and counters. Paint and finish furniture and fixtures as needed.

•        Provide engineering services to all outside vendors.

•        See that the equipment functions correctly, take the corresponding readings and keep the books up to date, the books of the water tower, of the hearths and domestic hearths, of the play frame and do the tests of each equipment, Cooling Water Bacteria DIP Slide, Water Meter Reading, Free Cooling Plant Mode-Readings,  Domestic Hot Water Heaters, Chiller Plant Mode-Readings And Heating Plant Mode-Readings

Bryan Park Hotel
Engineer Cleaner

keep the public areas of the hotel clean,

maintenance of floors applying buffer with the buffer machine.

Apply and renew the floor wax with the stripper machine and then the wax application.

Driver Taxi -Uber-Lyft

·         I my free time, I doing Driver Taxi.

·         I take the passengers from their point of origin to their destination.

·         Make the passenger feel safe during the trip.

·         Present a kind attitude, cuts and always with a smile.

Developer and Optimization of web

✓      Experience in development, testing, deployment and support of web, mobile applications and enterprise E-commerce systems, staging, publishing content management platforms using frameworks, OOP principles.


✓      Docker containers, Rabbit MQ message broker, Mongo servers, Amazon EC2 instances, S3 buckets.


✓      Experienced in Micro Services architecture and ORM platforms. Experienced with Spring, Spring Boot, Android Development Toolkit.


✓      In depth functional domain knowledge finance, retailing and healthcare verticals.


✓      Published articles on open source platforms, Linux, web technologies, etc.

ASA College
-English Lvl C-

Division of Computer Technology -Studying-

—I did only the English—

Information Technologic

1st Street, Sector Juan Pablo Duarte, Villa Central, Barahona 81000, República Dominicana.

—April 22, the US Visa Department notified me that I have to leave the Dominican Republic before the date (April-22-2012) that is why I could not finish the University, I have less than 10 classes to finish.—

Reading, Whriting and speak
Reading, Whriting and speak
Microsoft Office Word 2010 Tools Management:
http://oferta.senasofiaplus.edu.co/sofia-oferta/certificaciones.html SENA
Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Tools Management:
http://oferta.senasofiaplus.edu.co/sofia-oferta/certificaciones.html SENA
Microsoft Office Power Point 2010 Tools Management:
http://oferta.senasofiaplus.edu.co/sofia-oferta/certificaciones.html SENA
Digital Apprentice
http://oferta.senasofiaplus.edu.co/sofia-oferta/certificaciones.html SENA
http://oferta.senasofiaplus.edu.co/sofia-oferta/certificaciones.html SENA
Handling Adobe Photoshop CS5
http://oferta.senasofiaplus.edu.co/sofia-oferta/certificaciones.html SENA
Introduction to Programming
https://www.coursera.org/account/accomplishments/certificate/U2JQGJG3AMVR COURSERA
Basic programming
https://www.platzi.com/@luis -pena890 Platzi
Developer and Optimization of web sides wait WordPress
https://www.platzi.com/@luis -pena890 Platzi
Web Design
—HTML, PHP, CSS— —Joomla— —Wordpress— FREELANCE
—is a free integrated development environment, made primarily for the Java programming language.— FREELANCE
—Is an object-oriented programming language that takes the basis of the C language— UCATEBA- Information Technologic (2009)
Unreal Engineer
—Is a suite of integrated tools for game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations.— FREELANCE
— is a multiplatform computer program, dedicated especially to modeling, lighting, rendering, animation and creation of graphics.— FREELANCE
Microsoft Office Publisher
— is a desktop publishing application from Microsoft Corporation.— FREELANCE
Corel Drawn
— It is a computer graphic design application.— FREELANCE
Computer Maintenance & Fix
—Acquire this knowledge while we work in this company— WiMa Dev
All FREELANCE SKILL, I working to get a Certification, I get this Knowles because I really love the Information Technology and I learning and working Freelance those software, now I see the Certification importance
Luis Manuel Pena Mendez